I'm going to try to introduce myself and the purpose of this website...
I live in Pau, in the south west of France, I have two children
I was born in 1964... Well... I know...Quite old to play toy soldiers
But with a little luck, I will improve with the age...
My passion for miniatures goes up with childhood...
The fabulous time of the toy soldiers Starlux, they were for me the most beautiful toys of the world.
Then the models came, with the first Matchbox kits in 1/48 scale
and Airfix, Heller, and finally Tamiya. It' with this last brand that I started to appreciate miniature by itself,
considering them as more than kit's accessory.
Then I took taste very quickly, I started to paint some Verlinden figurines in 120 mm.
The process was ongoing, devouring passion was close to absorb me.
In September,2000 I've badly turned... all because of my son...
He had the good idea to come back home with a 28 mm orc!!! I then discovered the fantasy figurine and
I've fallen into dark side of the force!!
So I arrived late in this hobby but with work, enthusiasm
and the support of my very close relations,
I succeeded in opening out muyself in this passion.
I furrow the hexagon (France!) to participate to various painting contests and to share it with my friends.
I also worked during 3 years and half for the Rackham company as a painter free lance.
I hope to enjoy this passion all my life... it helps me to stay young-minded!!!