In this section, you'll find articles about
the dioramas and vignettes' making of, or figure's painting.
I wrote these lines when I've taken an immense
pleasure in the realization of the piece.
I usually feel the need to share my vision
and my passion through a step by step.
Many of these lines appeared in various magazines,
and in particular in Figurine.
I thank Dominique for the interest he shows upon my work
and the trust he puts on me.
As far as possible, I'll try to provide a translation
for our non French-speaking friends


La Punkette

wolfen samourai



Pinocchio selon Aussonia

Lara Croft

Poilu de la grande guerre

Ramses II


Bouffon de Cadwallon



Big Boss Ork

Les gardiens de Bran O Khor

Barbe Noire